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Gluten Free Breads… HELP! August 21, 2011

Dear Glamour & Green Gluten Free,


When it comes to gluten free bread, do you like getting pre-made bread? Or do you use mixes? And what brand do you like the most?


Thanks! I love your Blog!




When I do eat bread, the best GF brand EVERRRRRR is Udi’s bread (not Rudi’s). It’s awesome!!!!! Unfortunately I can only find it at Whole Foods, but I may try just requesting it at my local grocery store and seeing if they will bring it as a specialty item. Udi bread now carries hamburger buns and hotdog buns too! They are really yummy. It’s great stuff, but buying GF bread adds up and can be expensive.


I actually don’t make my own bread, but I love to bake desserts. The best baking cookbook EVER is a book called Gluten Free Baking Classics by Annalise Roberts. You MUST get this book!!! The desserts are so ridiculously good, and seriously, no one will even know they are gf! The desserts, like the cupcakes and cakes, have been so moist that it’s made me really want to make the bread recipes she lists in her book too. I’m sure they would turn out even better than the Udi’s bread and I think in the long run, making your own bread would be less expensive too!


Good luck 🙂


-Glamour and Green Gluten-Free


Hidden Gluten… HELP! August 16, 2011

Dear Glamour & Green Gluten Free,


Do you have any advice when it comes to avoiding foods that seem like they should be gluten free but are not? Pasta sauce should be gluten free, right? Do I have to make sure that pasta sauce is gluten free?





Hey there! Good questions.. It can be very confusing to go gluten free in the beginning, because yes, gluten can be hidden in all kinds of foods and items you would just never expect. I tend to go with organic tomato sauces that are very simple and clear about ingredients. I also find that many organic foods will label the item “gluten free” or mention if it contains wheat, etc in it.


My best advice? Go for pasta sauces that state “gluten free” on the jar, or go online and look up the nutritional info about that brand and product and see if it is GF before eating it. Tomato sauce SHOULD be gluten free, but the hidden culprits can be weird things like wheat flour added as a filler and anti-caking agent in the spices or some tomato pastes can also contain gluten.


I found a great article online that says, ” Some tomato paste is made from 100% tomatoes, while other brands add additional ingredients. If you are buying a jar of spaghetti sauce, the ingredients list ‘tomato paste’ but the manufacturer has not been required to tell you what ingredients may have been added to the tomato paste.”


Here is the entire article which is very informative on gluten hidden in foods and products:


-Glamour and Green Gluten Free


Ps. Also, on the subject of pasta and sauce… You should try Tinkyada gluten free pasta, if you haven’t tried it already. Breads and pastas seem to be the hardest to get right when going gluten free and this pasta is fanastic. I find Tinkyada at Walmart or Whole Foods. Everyone I serve Tinkyada to has no idea that it is GF pasta… it’s fantastic!! Good luck!