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New Years Resolution: It Is Not What You Say It Is What You DO January 10, 2012

Punch Studio Journal I have always loved making new years resolutions. I have always been a big fan of self improvement. Even as a teenager, I was obsessed with books from the self-help aisle.

But when it came to making new years resolutions this year, I was stumped. I was sick and tired of making far-fetched goals and not committing to them. Sure, it used to be easy to be excited and motivated about a new goal for a day or two, and then reality sets in. Life gets busy, things can get stressful, and new plans are forgotten or ignored once again.

This year, I needed to make resolutions that were within reach. I wanted to see my real-life goals actually being checked off and completed week by week, month by month.

Where would I begin?

I need to start exercising regularly again. I need to lose a few pounds and get toned. I’d love to use weights and try resistance training at least three days a week. I want to do a sugar, caffeine, and alcohol detox for a month or two. I’d like to finally get the closets and drawers in my house organized…

But, truthfully, all of these goals are the same ol’-same ol’.

I’m sure that being a first-time mom to an 18 month old has a lot to do with it, but I just wasn’t inspired by these familiar goals this year. I couldn’t get myself pumped up and excited to start fresh and create new plans. Maybe just the hustle-and-bustle of my every day life, living second by second with my active little toddler made planning for my future something I just didn’t have time for.

So, in order to kick off the new year, new goals, and get excited about creating new years resolutions, I bought myself a gorgeous journal (I have a stunning Punch Studio Journal) at a quaint little tea shop in California. I was sure that this beautiful book would be just the trick to put me in the mood for goal writing. But as the last days of December went by, and a week into January passed, my pretty little journal sat there… blank.

I decided it was time to start making my resolutions, when the famous quote, “It’s not what you say, it’s what you DO, that matters,” popped into my head.

So true.

It made me realize that I am going to go about my lovely little journal in a whole new way this year. I’ve decided to ditch all the goals and plans and simply write down what I actually DID that day to make the most of my day, time, and life. What did I accomplish, not just think about, that sets me one step closer to a better relationship with my son and husband, a healthier mind and body, a cleaner house, a kinder, more involved friend, a happier life filled with purpose?

I’ve decided that instead of making unachievable goals, I will use the pages to show all that I have accomplished- even if they seem small- to motivate myself to DO instead of just THINK or SAY. Goal setting is great, but for now, only writing down what has been DONE seems so much more inspiring to get me off my butt and actually start DOING.

Instead of flipping the journal pages feeling frustrated at my lack of will-power or become impatient with unmet goals, I can look back at past pages and read all that I do, why I’m great, what I am making of my life, and what I contribute to the world.

I have to say, this new way of thinking was just what I needed to feel inspired. I’m can’t even tell you how excited I am to journal tonight…


-Glamour & Green Gluten Free