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Gluten Free Groundhog Cookies! February 1, 2012

Groundhog cookies and Digital ScrapbookingWant to celebrate Groundhog Day?

Once easy way is to bake a few groundhog cookies, take some photos and scrap the recipe too!

But just because you have an allergy doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on the fun! Try a gluten -free Groundhog cookie version!

Check out this blog (Digital Scrapbooks and More) for both a regular groundhog cookie and gluten free version.

Then after you get this recipe, bake some Groundhog Day fun!

Don’t for get to scrap the recipe and give to friends too! See all about this in this article: Groundhog Cookies and Scrapping the Recipe! Regular and Gluten Free too!

Have a very happy Groundhog Day! Take time to make life fun and special and then record it by digitally scrapping the precious memories!

Get Groundhog Day Scrap Kits:

The Groundhog Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2 is a digital scrapbooking kit full of papers, embellishments and a WordArt that is perfect for Get this Groundhog Day Scrapbooking Kit to scrap with recipes or to journal with too!scrapbooking Groundhog Day celebrations! It’s time to scrap Winter or Spring with this digital Scrapbooking Kit as the Groundhog predicts the weather! One of the embellishments in this kit can be used as a journaling block, note, or tag to write on when your digital scrapbooking page that might need some words too! The digital Papers in this kit are 8.5×11″ size which are perfect for home printing, turning into a PDF, or making into scrap pages for viewing on eReaders, IPads, mobile phones and more! Also, 2 Recipe Card embellishments are in this kit for digitally scrapbooking your favorite Groundhog Day recipe! Kit includes digital papers, Groundhog Day-themed embellishments and a WordArt! Use this kit for scrapping spring, winter, and Groundhog Day-themed parties!

The Groundhog Digital Scrapbooking Kit 1 is a digital scrapbooking kit full of papers, embellishment and WordArt that is perfect for Scrap with Groundhog Day Digital Supplies!scrapbooking Groundhog Day! It’s time to celebrate with Winter or Spring with this digital Scrapbooking Kit! One of the embellishments in this kit can be used as a journaling block, note card, or tag to write on when your digital scrapbooking page needs some words too! The digital Papers in this kit are 12×12″ size which are perfect for the large traditional scrapbooking sized pages and projects. Kit includes digital papers, Groundhog Day-themed embellishments and WordArt! Use this kit for scrapping spring, winter, Groundhog Day-themed parties!

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Best Gluten Free Gifts for YOU this Valentine’s Day January 31, 2011

Spoil yourself this Valentines Day Yay for Valentine’s Day!

Let’s get real here. Valentine’s Day is all about us ladies. Whether you have a sweetheart or not, it’s time to spoil yourself with a few extra special gluten-free goodies this Valentines day.

Shower yourself with roses, indulge in some tasty chocolate truffles, and sip on champagne decorated with couture sugar. You deserve it.

Here is our list of spectacular, must-have gluten-free goodies just for YOU this Heart Day:

Organic Wine from the Organic Wine Company: You eat organic… so drink organic too! And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to have a glass of vino! “The Organic Wine Company makes wines made of certified organically grown grapes, is committed to environmental responsibility, has top-rated quality wines at great value prices, offers amazing personalized attention and customer care, and also features organic, vegan, biodynamic wines and an international selection!”

Gluten-Free Chocolate Truffles from Cocopotamus: This is not the time for Hershey’s. C’mon! You deserve better than that on V-Day. Who says you can’t indulge in decadent chocolate on Valentine’s Day? You can! Cocopotamus has GF truffles in amazingly delicious and unique flavors that satisfy even the darkest of chocolate cravings. Their chocolate truffles are all natural, wheat-free, and gluten-free. They have banned using preservatives, anything artificial, and anything they can’t pronounce in their chocolates either.

Organic Roses from Organic Bouquet. “The red roses are eco-friendly and gorgeous! Freshly picked and arriving right at the start of their prime, with plenty more ‘bloom’ to go!   Best of all, their red roses are of the finest quality and from a floral certified farm, making them a rare and truly special gift for any occasion!” Ps. Don’t feel like you need to wait for someone to send you flowers this holiday. Valentine’s Day is about loving yourself too, and sending yourself a big vase full of luscious, red roses is the perfect calorie-free “me” gift!

Bath Bombs from EverAfter Naturals: Nothing is more relaxing than a nice, hot bath. Pop in a gluten-free bath bomb from EverAfter Naturals and drift away into relaxation bliss. Give the Lovestruck scent a try. “It’s made of Lavender, Ylang ylang, & Geranium. All three oils have reputations for calming anxiety & helping to elevate moods. Ylang & Geranium are also said to be aphrodisiacs!”

Bath and Body Products from 100% Pure: Celebrate Valentines Day with Cocoa Kona Coffee! All 100% Pure Products are packed full of anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants and skin nourishing nutrients. Scented with 100% natural aromas and never polluted with artificial perfumes, chemical preservatives or any other toxins. Smell like your favorite dessert (chocolate) this Heart Day!

Make a Personalized Valentine’s Day Card with Digital Scrapbooks and More: Want to show someone you really care? Then take a few minutes to make them a personalized Valentine! Digital Scrapbooks and More has instantly downloadable tutorials that are incredibly easy and teach you how to digitally scrap beautiful digital scrapbooking pages or cards! They also have adorable Valentine’s Day digital scrapbooking kits. Try the Valentine and Love Tea Kit– perfect for Valentine’s Day digital scrapbooking albums, cards, etc! Digital Scrapbooks and More also has photo editing tutorials for only $1.99! That’s less than a cappuccino! Learn how to make a special photo picture-perfect this holiday! Just include the pic in a beautiful photo frame this V-Day and give as a gift to mom, dad, friends, or your hunny!

Decadent Gluten-Free Chocolate Tea from Mighty Leaf: Quality loose-leaf tea is like fine wine. It’s amazing and a luxurious little indulgence. It doesn’t hurt that you can treat yourself to rich chocolate flavors without all the calories, right? Try the Chocolate Collection from Mighty Leaf, which contains 6 tins of loose leaf tea: Mayan Chocolate Truffle, Masala Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Mint Truffle, Chocolate Orange Truffle, Mocha Pu-erh Truffle and Pear Caramel Truffle. And if your a real tea enthusiast, like myself, adorable heart-shaped tea cups and saucers from Nordstrom don’t hurt either….

Mojo Makeover Book by Dana B. Myers: It’s time to feel sexy, ladies! And this book has the answers. “The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover will help women of any age identify their Mojo Model—Pleasure Virgin, Frustrated Fox, Adventure Seeker, Busy Mommy, or Late Bloomer—and lead them through a first-of-its-kind transformation. Its purpose: to light up your inner spark and increase sexy self-confidence! Filled with inspiring and practical advice, how-to tips, interactive exercises, and real-life anecdotes, this fun, four-week program leaves women feeling happier, sexier, and more fulfilled—whether they are in a relationship or not.” And what’s Valentine’s Day without a little naughty? The Booty Parlor also has sexy, but tasteful, lingerie and bedroom accessories that will make your Valentine’s Day even more fun!

Bake Valentines Day Treats with Heart Measuring Cups: Baking homemade gluten-free goodies for Valentines Day  is awesome. So are these heart-shaped measuring cups. Use them for Valentine’s day treats or any time you want to add a little love to your recipe. And there are heart-shaped measuring spoons to match! And if you really want to glam-it-up in the kitchen, get a sexy apron from Flirty Aprons! Perfect for your Valentine’s Day dinner cooking? The Sugar and Spice Flirty Apron. This is the little black dress version of an apron! Ridiculously cute!

Champagne Sugar Charms from Home Sweet Home: Cheers to gorgeous & delicious champagne this Valentine’s Day! Make your champagne flute look oh-so pretty during a romantic V-Day dinner or with your favorite gal-pals. “These Champagne Sugar Charms are made from the finest organic ingredient and cooked to a perfect caramel candy crisp.  Each piece is unique in shape….like a snowflake. The charms can be served plain or customized with monograms and can be created to perch on the edge of the glass or simply placed inside your glass. Fill your glass with sparkling wine or champagne and watch your charm dissolve slowly (usually around 20 minutes or so) as it creates swirls of bubbles.” How exciting!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


-Glamour & Green Gluten-Free